Traveling to Barbados should be on your bucket list. Barbados has long lasting amazing touristic reputation, and it certainly justifies it with so many “to see” and “to do” aspects to it offer. Whether you are looking for calm and family kind of holiday or exotic, adventurous trip, you will find both aspects here combined in a unique island’s atmosphere. The truth is that Barbados offers one of the best hotel services, luxury restaurants, and pure hedonism when it comes to accommodation, but don’t get distracted by these features. Barbados is so much more than the mere network of touristic services. It’s Caribbean’s pearl with amazing nature, breathtaking beaches, cozy living and kind residents.

Consider the weather forecast and prices fluctuations

If you have the luxury of choosing the date, schedule your holiday on Barbados sometime in between January and April. This time of the year is the driest, and you will avoid encountering hurricane season and rainy days that usually happen between June and November. If you want to avoid holidays and the pick of the touristic season when prices jump high, avoid December and periods around Christmas and Easter.

“To go, to do, to see” on Barbados

sage-erickson-surfing-enthuzedBarbados is pretty safe compared to some surrounding areas, so you can freely organize your touristic route and explore the island in your individual manner with no reasons to worry about your physical safety or safety of your property. Most touristic guides will tell you to divide the island into five imaginary aspects and visit them respectively or according to your current mood and wishes.

If you are looking for calm water perfect for relaxing, carefree swimming, diving and family enjoying, the west coast is the best choice. On the other hand, if you are in the mood for taking some risk, going through adventurous trips and exciting activities, south coast offers surfing area, frequently over attractive populated beaches with plenty by-the-water activities. If you are on vacation with friends, this part of the island offers a wide collection of bars, restaurants, rich night life and plenty opportunities for having memorable fun time. East coast is reserved for calm, romantic atmosphere with peaceful, silent nature all around. The inner areas of the island are perfect for exploring botanic gardens, monuments, caves, plantation houses and to get to know closely with the life style of the Barbados residents.  The Bridgetown and surrounding historic aspect are the cultural centers of the island you should pay a visit to.

Check the info before you go

world___barbados_caves_in_barbados_079522_Before you go wandering through impressive Barbados wild and tame areas, wander a little through our traveling blog. There are things you should know and aspects you should be aware of to avoid some unexpected surprises. We have gathered here many useful data, from information about currencies, drinking water, required traveling documents, credit cards valid on Barbados, as well as vaccination required before traveling and some peculiar customs of the residents. You will certainly get to know Barbados the best if you face it and feel it in person, but these detailed descriptions will give you a brief preview of what to expect and how to prepare for the trip properly.